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job: senior digital marketing manager


The position is responsible for overseeing all marketing operations across the company’s projects. Supported by a strong team of assistants, the Senior Digital Marketing Manager will be in charge of creating and managing the execution of a diverse array of marketing strategies, specifically tailored to every project.

This includes development and management of the overall integrated marketing plan, calendar, budget, and communications initiatives. The Senior Digital Marketing Manager oversees company promotions, events, advertising, media and public relations.


1.     Develop and execute exciting and well-integrated marketing strategies and online campaigns.

2.     Organize and manage effective Trending Meetings with all departments – identifying positive and high ROI opportunities to test in the market.

3.     Liase with key online media and influencers to secure partnerships.

4.     Develop and present plans that support Project Managers to successfully build clients’ online community.

5.     Evaluate client and market reactions to campaigns; ensure timely adjustment of strategy to meet changing client and market needs.

6.     Manage multiple tasks across several projects in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.

7.     Ensure effective control of department results – corrective action must take place when needed to achieve marketing objectives within budget.

8.     Manage the work of Digital Marketing Assistants, ensuring outstanding levels of performance, quality, cost effectiveness, and marketing alignment to brand standards.

9.     Work closely with the Project Director to assess performance across the team and review staff performance as scheduled.

10.  Manage cross-functional processes, identify resources needed, assign and prioritize tasks/responsibilities and ensure deadlines are met. Create procedures to effectively assess project performance.

11.  Achieve and continuously improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each project.

12.  Create timely and insightful reports for Managers and Directors – driving awareness, innovation, and strategy for the company and its clients marketing needs.


SALARY: Negotiable

START DATE: October 8th, 2012

To apply, send your CV to giulia (at) mailmangroup . com

OR call +86 21 64459899


Don’t meet the job criteria? Think you’d be fit for another position? Check out our job opening below and pick what suits YOU best!

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