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KAWO Featured at Travel Distribution Summit 2014 Asia

From May 27-28, Mailman was featured at Eye for Travel’s Asia Travel Distribution Summit in the Raffles City Convention Center in Singapore, joining thought leaders from the travel and tech industries, including Google, Facebook, and the Four Seasons Hotels. Although in 2013, APAC has become the world’s biggest travel market, the relative uncertainty of the developing market and fragmentation often makes taking advantage of this opportunity difficult. However, advances in technology have streamlined the process and strategies. In light of these challenges, the theme of this year’s summit was innovation: Disruptive business models, mobile and powerful internet companies

The Mailman team showcased our technology product, KAWO, a tool that makes it easy for any brand to pull their Facebook and Twitter content to publish on Chinese social media. After a brief presentation, representatives from travel industries around the world worked together to come up with ideas for content and strategies to appeal the Chinese traveler.

It was great meeting so many interested in the Travel Industry. Takeaway? Lots of potential and quickly changing innovation in this area- you have to stay plugged in to the local social media networks to make sure you’re part of the conversation!

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