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Liverpool vs. Arsenal: Rivals on the Pitch and on Chinese Social Media

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Liverpool and Arsenal are set for quite the match this coming Saturday. This fixture is a clash of the teams who have accumulated most Premier League points in 2015. And on another battlefield – WeChat, these two teams are also dominating, leaving Bayern Munich (3rd football club on WeChat) far behind.

Over the past thirty days, we have seen Liverpool outstrip Arsenal as the number one club on WeChat using the key metric of average reads. I spoke with our WeChat account manager for Liverpool FC, and he was able to share some keen insight on valuable lessons learned while taking Liverpool to the number one spot on WeChat.

5 things we learned running LFC WeChat:

1. Pick the right publishing

Our experience has shown that publishing at noon is much better for football clubs than any other time on weekdays. It allows your followers to catch up with the latest team news and share posts with their friends. Also, it’s great way of cultivating the users’ habits of reading posts at a particular time everyday.

2. Awesome headlines are a results multiplier

Regarding the reads statistic on WeChat, it’s always about not revealing all the information you want to share in just one line. You should highlight one aspect of the article, thus encouraging your followers to click in and read the rest. You should be cautious about using too much gimmickry because this could weaken the loyalty and trust of your followers.

3. Sharable content is key

When you want to increase your number of reads on WeChat, the best way to do this is to give your followers more content to share on their moments and with their friends. On WeChat, funny, emotional, and debatable pieces of articles are what people tend to share and what football clubs can do constantly. Upon realizing this, we started to feed our followers at least one of these every day.

4. Less is more when it comes to campaigns

Launching campaigns on WeChat could lead to a lower total number of reads. WeChat is a closed circle when compared to Weibo. Usually you don’t get that much engagement and exposure through it. Beyond that, most users on WeChat follow a sports account mainly for news or information. Because of this, we would say that too many campaigns on WeChat is inadvisable.

5. Update the menu bar as frequently as possible

Apart from daily publishings, the menu bar is the most important way to let your followers interact with your account. People find it interesting to explore what you try to convey to them through the menu bar. It is highly recommended that you update the menu bar at least once a day to supply followers with the latest content. It’s also another matter of cultivating habits.

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