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Looking for rockstars for your social media business?

Accordingly to China’s Most Desirable Employer Survey, conducted by Antal International, 66% of Chinese employees prefer to work for foreign companies.

At Mailman, we are constantly in search for “A Players” to join our revolution!

Finding the right people is always the top priority in our business strategy. We believe in growing the business as a team and sharing the success as a team. So, we found a way to do it:

Top Grading

I assure you – besides our regular Long Island Friday – this is one of the best routines we have ever practiced (also, practiced by some Fortune 500 companies!)

Through top-grading, we reduced mis-hires so we are able to reward our rockstar employees. How? Statistic showed that top-grading helps business to increase up to 25% of annual revenue.

These days, I live and breath these 2 great practices for our hiring, reviewing and firing (we hate it!) processes.

 1. We use job scorecards to rate candidates on 50 competencies required for each role.

Ratings: 5=Excellent 4=Very Good 3=Good 2=Poor 1=Very Poor

For Example:

Role:  Digital Marketing Manger

Min. requirement: Creativity: 4/5 Leading edge: 3/5 Communications-Oral: 4/5

Want to give it a shot, apply for it here.

2. We use specific measures of success where rock stars’ job performance are measured with.

For Example:

Role:  Digital Project Manager

Specific measure of success:

1. By end of the year, 90% of web traffic KPIs are reached. 2. SEO traffic to be improved by 30% by second quarter of the year.

Sample of Google Analytics Report

Well done Rockstars!

Reality is, every company needs some professional help.  Here is my management coach Michelle Lavallee. Contact her for a chat. You will not regret it!

Check out our full team of our rockstars here.

Best luck with your Rockstar Business!

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