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Macy’s Golden Week Holiday Campaign

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

The Golden Week Holiday is a huge event in China, during which a large number of individuals go out into the world, travelling, shopping, or taking a break from the city life to go back home. Plainly, it’s a huge opportunity for anyone who is trying to grow their brand’s digital presence in China and is also probably why you found many of the WeChat official accounts that you follow seizing this opportunity and launching campaigns.

Two days before the holiday began, Macy’s WeChat account launched a campaign that encouraged followers to share their vacation photos. The campaign was promoted on every post uploaded during the holiday, and numerous fans submitted their photos. Photos were last collected on October 10th. 10 of the submitted photos were randomly selected and a vote was held to choose the winners. The top 6 photo submitters are eligible to claim prizes, and the top prize is a US$100 Macy’s gift card.

Post that launched the campaign

In this campaign, 104 photos were collected showing pretty good involvement from followers. The voting post’s read count has reached 2800 reads with a total of 919 ballot cards.

Post to signal the start of voting

Grand Prize Winner

One thing we demonstrated in this WeChat campaign is that by seizing the right moment and opportunity can lead to great success.

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