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Mailman CEO Andrew Collins Nominated for 2015 Advance Global Australian Awards

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

We have some truly awesome news coming down the pipeline as our leader and captain of the ship, Andrew Collins, has been nominated for the prestigious Advance Global Australian Awards!

Nominated in the Sport category, these seminal Australian awards aim to recognize and celebrate Australians and Australian university alumni who exhibit remarkable talent, exceptional vision, and ambition on a global level. The team at Mailman is proud for Andrew and his nomination, as it highlights the quality of work and impact the team has made over the last 5+ years.

The awards also takes place in conjunction with a Leadership Summit, which seeks to “bring together Australia’s world-class game-changers and thought leaders to exchange ideas, and share their insights and best practices. This is a unique opportunity to network with peers living overseas and at home, and gather clear and intelligent insight into critical global trends and solutions that will influence Australia’s growth and place in the world.”

Once again, our entire team sees this as an honor and does much in the way of validating our company and CEO as true thought leaders in sport and the digital space. Going against the grain, being forward thinking, and taking calculated risks are all aspects that make our work so special, and it’s great to see our leader being recognized for these core values and traits.

The annual Advance Global Australian Awards and Leadership Summit will take place at the Sydney Opera House September 13-14 later this year. We’re really looking forward to the event, and congratulations to all of the other nominees!!

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