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Mailman Group Named Finalist at the Football Business Awards

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Last Thursday, Mailman Group attended the annual Football Business Awards at Stamford Bridge in London where Mailman Group was officially named as a finalist for the “Best Business Serving Football” category. The black-tie event was studded with the who’s who across football clubs, agencies, sponsors and technology partners. It was a great opportunity to meet others in the industry and important to recognize the business behind football, as Rory Ross Russell, co-founder of the Football Business Awards, said, “Business has such a vital role to play in football and a role which often goes unseen within the game’s wider community. We aim to give this inspirational work the valuable market badge it deserves and by doing this and providing an unsurpassed opportunity to network, we believe everyone will enjoy and benefit from November’s ceremony.” Great event, great people- see you in 2015! Pictured: Mailman CEO Andrew Collins on stage; Mailman Group in the program.

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