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Mother’s Day on Weibo 2015

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Just like last year’s Mother’s Day, several companies launched campaigns to celebrate the endearing holiday. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressionable campaigns!

In celebration of this year’s Mother’s Day, Coach launched a campaign called #MyFirstCoach. Coach encouraged Weibo users to upload photos of themselves with their mothers and hashtag it with #MyFirstCoach. Those who share a photo with the hashtag have an opportunity to be featured on the Coach website and win a Coach wristlet for their mothers. The hashtag’s landing page received 45,000 discussions and over 44 million views.

As one of the seminal cosmetics and beauty product brands in the globe, Estée Lauder has been particularly effective when it comes to Chinese social media over the years. As it’s a brand that is highly desired by Chinese netizens, it’s no surprise that they ran one of the more successful Weibo campaigns for Mother’s Day this year. Using the landing page and hashtag #花样妈咪, which translates to mothers are as beautiful as flowers (a phrase that was widely used over social media for mothers this year), Estée Lauder asked users to express their love for their mothers by sharing a heartfelt story about her. Those who shared had a chance to win an Estée Lauder travel set. For this hashtag, Estée Lauder received over 1,900 discussions and 106,000 views.

Cath Kidston posted a photo on April 29th introducing its Mother’s Day campaign which asked users to reply to the post saying something nice about their mothers and to use the designated hashtag #CathKidston花样妈妈, which is also another way of saying mothers are as beautiful as flowers. Cath Kidston then choose its favorite post on May 7th and the winner received 1,000 RMB worth of Cath Kidston merchandise to gift to his/her mother. Cath Kidston’s hashtag landing site received 403 discussions and 180,000 views.

This Korean makeup brand posted on its Weibo profile on Mother’s Day asking users to comment by sharing a note of appreciation and a photo of the gift they gave their mothers on Mother’s Day. The post promised an opportunity to win a mystery prize. The post received 112 comments and 37 forwards.

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