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My First Week At Mailman | Carole

It’s always been my dream to work on what I’m really interested in. When I came to Mailman, and spent my first week here, I realized that my dream has come true. I can follow my favourite players and deliver the news firsthand to our passionate audience. Everything here is new to me and I am full of curiosity with my work, the new office, and my colleagues.

As for a new graduate, I feel content with the cool surroundings of the whole office, and all things here fit my style. Additionally, as a rookie, my team members and other colleagues are willing to tell me how to start and help me hand by hand. Starting with how to edit the Bundesliga content, I became more familiar with what we do everyday. Also, the morning huddle is a good way to make plan for daily work.

I learnt three words on my first day, innovation, passion, and service. It’s Mailman’s culture and I want to try my best to practice it in the future.

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