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Updated: May 30, 2019

First Impression

I’m so glad to join this big Mailman family. The first day when I came and saw the decoration here, I felt so excited and really liked this open working environment with music and sports events. My first impression of Mailman was the cool style which is full of innovation. It’s really different from other traditional companies.

Although Mailman provides an amazing working place and makes people feel easy, the colleagues here all work hard and are dedicated to their jobs. I think the good environment and Mailman’s great values are the key to keeping such a friendly atmosphere and good relationships between each other.

I was also so fortunate that there was a yearly awards night for Mailman in my first week here. Everyone dressed as pirates in this big party. All my colleagues are friendly and full of passion and energy. I was so happy to have such a great and crazy Friday night!

I hope to grow and develop together with Mailman and this big family in the future.

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