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Updated: May 30, 2019

First Impression

Passion. Service. Innovation. Basketball, ping pong, music and live football on the wall. 70% Chinese, 30% expats. Sports, tourism and technology.

There are so many words I could use in describing what Mailman is. Previously I have worked for about 10 years in organisations ranging from multinational financial service companies to one-man startups. This company is one of a kind. Everyone is paid to do what they love and the company doesn’t encourage over time. From the world’s no.1 tennis player to the world’s most popular football club, every client name is a world renowned brand.

Most interestingly, the CEO’s wife and kids can often be spotted around the office and in the company WeChat group. It all adds to the feeling here of being a big family rather than just another corporation.

My Role

In China people usually hear about this kind of story and think nothing of it. Just like VR, they know it’s not going to happen, it looks so real but feels unreachable. Now I’m living it. As a partnership manager, my job is to find the right formula of mixing passion, service and innovation, helping local brands and companies elevate their brand image, gain a better share of the market and ultimately achieve a higher return on investment using the power and magic of sports marketing.

It’s challenging, fun and rewarding.

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