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Updated: May 30, 2019

First Impression

The first week at Mailman made me both excited and a little nervous as well. This is because I am glad that my work content is related to my favourite sport and my favourite football clubs, although I was worried about my little work experience and industry knowledge.

Fortunately, all my colleagues are very nice and helpful, which encouraged me to integrate into the working environment quickly. Besides, the whole passionate and innovative team taught me a lot in the first week. So I can feel the growth and development of myself every single day. Every little achievement can inspire me to work harder and harder, as well as learning ping pong, which seems to be a good way to relax and an important social activity here.

My Goals

I feel so lucky to join Mailman and start my career here. To be honest, I am also a big fan of Mailman; because the statistics on the company website were really useful when I wrote my dissertation related to Chinese social media in the football industry. At that time, I never thought I could work with the Mailman team one day. And now it has happened. I hope I will always have the courage to face the challenges with my teammates and to purse my dreams. So I am longing to learn more as soon as possible, in order to be always prepared.

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