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Updated: May 30, 2019

From joining at the beginning of August, 2016, it has been my pleasure to become a member of the Mailman family. My first week at Mailman was a little nerve racking, a little exciting and a lot of fun.

Although I have already graduated from school and have been a finance professional for several years, I am now the new person in the company, so I felt nervous. New office, new environment, new colleagues and new role for me, but still I felt fortunate for the opportunity, and all the guys and girls here are easy to get along with. From the start, I was told if you have any questions, just ask! Everyone will support you, as “Passion” and “Service” are two of the most important company values at Mailman.

Everything has been exciting, because Mailman is a much different company that what I have been used to. When I came here to have my first interview, I knew that Mailman was the type of company that I was looking for. From the open office environment with fun design, to hearty breakfasts and unlimited coffee and cola, everyone can achieve a stable work and life balance.

And so lucky for me, the first week I joined, we had a party to celebrate our new office. Everyone wore beach themed clothes, ate fried chicken, drank beer, and could even bring +1 good friend to join the party with us- what a welcoming company! As we listened to melodic music, we chatted, laughed, played games and had a great time.

If you are a new member here, don’t worry, everyone is willing to “Serve,” just as the Mailman value states. And if you need time to adapt to the new job, go step by step, don’t rush! Wow, it is truly wonderful how Mailman is, as it looks like a sweet dream to work together with everyone. I already love you all~

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