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Updated: May 30, 2019

What an amazing first week for me. This is my first time working in a foreign company and I came to a new environment, where everything here is so fresh and unfamiliar. Actually I felt so nervous, because my English is not so great and sometimes it is hard for me to talk with my new colleagues. Fortunately, Mailman family members are very kind, they have helped me a lot and I really appreciate the support. And so far the most valuable treasure gained this past week is how to serve and support others. It is a great thing that everyone can help solve problems together, even if they don’t know you very well in the beginning.

I already love this place, as it makes you full of energy everyday. The people here will give you a helping hand and encourage you. It feels good. I realize that Mailman is the place that I was looking for. So I will cherish this job. Not only because the environment or other reasons, but just because of the people here. And I can learn many things and I believe I can improve myself through the Mailman platform. It’s perfect for me!

Peace & love!

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