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My First Week at Mailman | Wei Wei

Updated: May 30, 2019

Let me tell you about my first week at Mailman!

Friendly Coffee Experience

Hungry when the breakfast, bagels and fruits, has been snapped up? Why not make yourself a cup of coffee. “No, this is just my first day at work, I don’t even know how to use the coffee machine! So don’t embarrass yourself.” This is what I thought at the beginning of my first day at my new job. The next minute, well, I got a cup of coffee in my hands thanks to a caring colleague. Luckily there is always someone happy to help at Mailman.

Sports Team Morning Huddle

Everyone, in their team stands in a circle and shares their work to-do-list and some interesting news while shaking their bodies awake. Can this be called “working wakeup call”? This works for me, as everyone in the Sports Team is so energetic, and is every clear about their to-do lists each day. The news is not only making everyone relax, but also helping everyone to know what is happening in the world. For instance, an attack happened in Nice, a town in south France, on Thursday morning. The whole sports team had a discussion in the morning huddle, and agreed that many brand accounts will be influenced by the emergency and may not make social posts today. Our clients must appreciate that we share and discuss this information as it relates to our work.

Tourism Team Brainstorm Meeting

As part of my duty is also on the Tourism Team, I was invited to their brainstorm meeting to come up with some ideas about a campaign for the Visit Florida account. Surprisingly, everyone is very efficient, and the meeting only lasted about half an hour, and we got 2-3 very compelling and practical themes that can stimulate followers’ engagement. In particular, the one I like is the question about “What is the weirdest thing that you have ever put in your beach bag?” I can imagine that we will get a lot images from our blog readers of their unusual sunblock products. As result, we also expect there will be a boost of followers’ comments on each other’s weird product.

The pig wasn’t drawn by us, although I have to admit it’s quite cute~

From this experience of the my first week at Mailman, I can feel how professional our team members are. They are experienced about building the brand for the client and care about each post’s quality. They are creative and motivated to always try new ways towards marketing certain products or places. I am inspired by their passion and look forward to my career at Mailman!

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