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Updated: May 30, 2019

First Impression

This is my first week at Mailman and my first time working as a content writer. When I walked into the office on my first day, I felt very nervous, to be honest. The whole environment was new and all colleagues were new. Iris, our lovely Operations Managers, took me around the office and introduced the different teams to me. During the “office tour”, I felt that all the new colleagues are very friendly, it’s time to start fresh, I said to myself.

As a Content Writer

I’m currently working on the Massachusetts Weibo account and the GoUSA Weibo account. I feel very lucky because I have lived the past 4 years in Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, where I discovered a lot in the city. Almost every Weibo content that I’ve wrote about so far is about a place that I’ve been. This helps me a lot when I want to write something special. By using my point of view, I hope I can create deeper, more meaningful content. The job is really cool! While I’m working, I feel that the Internet can take me to a lot of places, and I can use the power of writing, to help more people get to know unknown worlds.

My Wish

After my first week at Mailman, I have totally fallen in love with the place. I love the open office, the working environment and my lovely colleagues. I hope I can learn more, make friends with more people, and become a better person!

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