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Paris Hilton Sets China Media On Fire

China recently made global news on the launch of a new space travel voyage featuring one Chinese woman as a crew member.  The news spawned a flurry of patriotism, national pride and of course inspired females the world over to take on greater challenges.

The news was spread, shared and featured across all accessible media throughout China.  Among the many expert commentators making their remark appeared the very recognizable, yet surprisingly thoughtful Paris Hilton.  Her simple comment posted on her personal China fanstang channel and then spread through her China social networking accounts immediately got the attention of her China faithful.

Her post read ‘congrats to the female astronaut in China, girl power’ simple and to the point this remark has appeared across a dozen key online media channels – only further fueling her popularity among young Chinese women (and men!).

Paris Hilton in Shanghai

You can see a selection of the quotations here:

1.Sina Chief editor Lao Chen Weibo repost: 新浪总编@老沉

2.Sina Entertainment News Weibo: @新浪娱乐

3. Sina Celebrity Weibo: @微博名人

4. Sina Entertainment New: 新浪网:

5. He Xun News Network: 和讯网新闻:

6.Phoenix News Network: 凤凰网:

7. Huan Qiu News Network: 环球网:

Paris is smart.  She understands what is important in building a brand and takes the time to personalize messages to the populace. And not just any populace – one that commands almost 1.4b people.  A country in which tops the global ranks for luxury spending, cell phone usage, outbound travel, language spoken – and more. And yet given all this, very few international artists, celebrities and athletes have significantly embraced the rich culture of China.

Building a connection with anyone must be meaningful, personal and consistent.  As the China news outlets have displayed in this example, few are doing it in China and those who are, do so with loyal support.  Its clear by establishing personal voice in China can lead to widespread support, fan development and of course subsequent revenue opportunities.

As China continues to embark on a ‘outward’ approach to the world, following a century of closed doors – the people have embarked western influences.  The Internet has created enormous access to many foreign content including all featured television programs, films and games.  Whether legal or not, the value is in the awareness of those celebrities and content – the opportunity to the brand (individual) is simply how best to leverage from that new found market awareness by creating more meaningful conversations.

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