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Getting fans in China just became a whole lot easier with the launch of the ‘China Fan Growth tool’, which connects football clubs directly with potential fans in China.  The application, developed by leading China digital and technology company Mailman Group considers the tool a major step forward in fan development for international football clubs as they expand their fan base in China.

Mailman Group CEO Andrew Collins stated “Social media has become the most significant form of fan engagement in China; this technology allows all clubs to intuitively connect with their targeted fans using key word associations.” Collins further adds “Chinese fans tend to follow multiple clubs which creates a lot of cross over for English and European clubs.’

The application focuses on SINA Weibo which has established itself as China’s dominant social network, amassing over 200 million active users. The network is showing no signs of slowing down as international football clubs and top players alike are joining the race to win over China’s vast number of football fans.

English and European football leagues continue to dominate headlines within China and football is the number one participated sport in the country, providing enormous opportunity for clubs looking to expand their fan base.

Mailman Group have established itself to be a leading player towards fan development and digital strategy in China.  The Group has been responsible for many NBA athletes, Australian Football League and driving Liverpool FC to the Number 1 followed club on Sina’s Weibo in just 12 months.

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