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Premier League Preview

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

The start of the Premier League is just around the corner, and prior to the action starting Mailman has put together this infographic analysing registered teams official presence on Sina Weibo.

While normally we would look at engagement on the clubs’ accounts to measure activity, the general excitement around the Premier League’s start made us want to take a wider look at how fan discussion took place, on both the clubs official channels and elsewhere, by analysing mentions. Liverpool were the second most discussed team online, but when you compare this against their number of followers, the Reds completely outstrip their domestic rivals. While Manchester City’s large following proved unable to provide a serious dent in Premier League discussion, despite their winning the title last season.

Another important factor of club popularity is the amount of times individual players were mentioned, and which player had the most active presence online. The clubs with a higher number of followers massively benefit from the active presence of their players online, for example, Rooney, who has over 3 million followers and 150,000 mentions in the past 30 days provides the club another huge channel for exposure.

So as the Premier League kicks off, it will be interesting to see how these clubs develop their social media over the season, and additionally, how many players adopt a presence on Chinese social media to increase their clubs popularity, as well as their own.

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