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Selling China to China

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

As China continues to become a leading consumer market, brands are aiming more and more to appeal to their Chinese customers by incorporating China into their brand. Swarovski recently launched a new collection – but only for China, as the crystal and jewelry company has been tapping into China’s desires to be exclusive. As expected, a sense of exclusivity is alluring to consumers and an important factor when it comes to luxury goods. The crystal brand has targeted this market before, such as through its use of Chinese social media when it introduced the #SwarovskiLook Instagram photo competition to fans through WeChat, but its decision to launch an exclusive jewelry line in China is an aggressive step in the right direction. By working with Chinese designer Ye Mingzi, famed for wedding dresses, to create 33 “Flower of Life”-themed pieces of jewelry for a new bridal collection, Swarovski draws in consumers who enjoy brands that incorporate Chinese design and culture. Having an exclusive-to-China collection also makes it more appealing for consumers to purchase pieces quickly as their rarity makes them more coveted; the collection launched in Beijing earlier this June, but will not be made available to the rest of the world until September, giving the Chinese market the first go.

Fan Bingbing Doll, for their 2014 collection. Another huge industry also desires Chinese stars – Hollywood. X-Men: Days of Future Past, the latest installment in the franchise, casts Fan Bingbing in a minor role as superhero Blink. Though superhero movies, including previous X-Men films, have proven popularity in the Chinese market, involving home-grown stars is a move that will surely drive more ticket sales in China, as Fan Bingbing herself notes. Her presence at the Beijing premiere for the film received plenty of attention, especially during press events and with the fans.

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