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Seven League adds volleyball to roster by teaming up with IBB Polonia

In the seven-year history of Seven League the company has worked on many different sports.

Indeed, the subject of exactly how many was the subject of a pretty intense debate on our WhatsApp group while we were writing this blog. Should we count Winter Olympics as one event or several sports? What about sports that have grown out of other sports?

Whatever the definitive number is - and we think it’s in the region of 30 sports - one thing we agree on is that it’s just grown by one. The new addition to the list being volleyball, after Seven League agreed a new partnership with IBB Polonia.

Now if you haven’t heard of IBB Polonia yet, you’ll know all about it pretty soon.

From humble beginnings, London-based Polonia (the name means Polish diaspora and is a name held by some of the most prominent sports clubs in Poland) secured long-term investment in 2015 from IBB Builders Merchants which relaunched the club.

That year the club hosted and co-organised the London Legacy Cup featuring teams from France, Germany and Poland. In 2016 it became the first UK club to reach the last 16 of the European CEV Challenge Cup and the first to sign a current world champion (Krzysztof Ignaczak). In 2017, a deal was signed for games to be televised in Poland on Polsat Sport, a major European volleyball broadcaster.

In 2018, Polonia won the European regional NEVZA Cup. In 2019, it signed Brazilian Olympic gold medallist Giba, securing media attention in Brazil not to mention a superstar asset for their team.

Now, in October 2019, Polonia will become the first UK team to appear in volleyball’s Champions League. When Polonia faces HAOK Mladost Zagreb at the Copper Box on October 30th 2019, a sport which attracted many admirers during London 2012 will have truly landed in London.

Seven League is delighted to be partnering with Polonia as the club’s digital agency. We believe the club is bound for a hugely exciting future, with this season’s Champions League campaign only the beginning.

Polonia club CEO Bartek Luszcz said: “We are extremely happy and excited to be able to work with 7L. Our journey is finally reaching the point where our product - an entertainment event - is of a quality that London’s audience will appreciate and understand. For many spectators our Champions League matches will be the first point of contact with volleyball outside of London 2012. That’s why it’s very important to have a strong and innovative partner like 7L leading us to our commercial success. Together we can make the revolution called Volleyball 2.0 a reality.”

Seven League CEO and founder Richard Ayers said: “We started 7L as a business after London 2012, a summer when the UK was treated to one of the greatest sporting spectacles on earth. Volleyball was a huge part of that Olympics and Polonia is keeping that legacy alive with top-class, elite volleyball in London. We’re thrilled to be partnering with them on that journey and we wish Polonia every success in this season’s Champions League.”

If you’re interested in seeing the pinnacle of European volleyball in London, tickets are on sale here.

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