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Seven League and British Athletics

We're pleased to announce that Seven League are handling a digital review for British Athletics, the fan-facing brand of the governing body UK Athletics.

We’ll be working on the role of digital throughout the organisation, leading to a digital strategy which will take British Athletics up to the London 2017 World Championships and beyond.

UKA’s stated strategic objectives – to win more medals, stage great events, increase participation, and to host the best ever World Championships – can all be positively affected by the right digital strategy and technology innovation, and that is of course what we’ll be working with them to deliver.

Seven League CEO Richard Ayers said “We’re delighted to have the chance to make a difference in a sport which espouses the most positive aspects of British culture- it inherently promotes gender and race equality, youth, excellence in performance and fairness. The emotional pull of great moments in athletics is almost unrivalled in sport; a gift for anyone looking to channel that into building digital audience reach, engagement and revenue”.

UKA’s Head of Communications, Liz Birchall, said “Like all governing bodies, we have multiple audiences to serve- from athletes, to fans, to sponsors. A sophisticated digital strategy is key to all of these relationships, and we’ve brought Seven League on board to deliver that”.

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