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Seven League CEO Richard Ayers talks digital trends on Sky News

Seven League founder and CEO Richard Ayers was invited on to Sky News on Monday to discuss our key digital trends report for 2020 (available as a free download here).

Richard was on with Ian King, who asked in particular about subscription fatigue and the roll-out of 5G.

Richard touched on the Premier League and The Hundred.

He mentioned that:

– we are in an attention economy where live sport is “the last golden goose in the shop.” Richard said “there is too much out there. There will start to be consolidation, consumer decisions about dropping this service or that and aggregation services.”

– the sports that are going to have an issue “are not the major ones but the medium and smaller-sized and that’s where I have a genuine worry, that if you’re a smaller sport you just won’t have an audience.”

– 5G “will have an impact but it will take a while, with sport in particular, because the things that really matter are human behaviours: how are you doing the storytelling, how are you engaging people?

You can watch the interview here and remember to download the full key trends report to read all seven!

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