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Shanghai is NOW no.1 Metro Area in the World

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

With an income growth of almost 10% and an employment increase of 6%, Shanghai’s position as the top performer among the largest 200 metropolitan areas in the world, comes as no surprise.

And frankly speaking, how could it not be?  As the commercial capital of a country with the world’s largest and most diverse metropolitan landscape, and with an economy the size of Finland’s, Shanghai stands out, not only outshining the capital Beijing, but every other major city in the World.

As CNNGo predicted 2 years ago, the World’s greatest city is trying its best to stay firmly on top.  And doing pretty well at it, it seems.

Having hosted the most popular expo of all time (over 70 million visitors) and soon to boast the World’s second tallest building (to be completed in 2014), Shanghai is truly a magnificent city, whose every move breaks records and every decision shapes the lives of millions of people.  This city is certainly the one to watch in 2012.

We love it. And we think you should too.  And with a workforce who can build a sustainable 30-storey building in just 360 hours, and with an online social network so big it rivals even Facebook (Yes that’s right, FACEBOOK!), the rest of the world should take note.

Finally, if you’re still not convinced, check below one of the most downloaded Shanghai pics in the last two years.

Get it now?

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