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Team Dragon & Nike through to Asian Cup Quarters

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

The Chinese national football team is on a high following their 2-1 win over Uzbekistan in the Asian Cup, ensuring they progress to the quarter final stage. Whilst there were a few heart stopping moments in injury time for the Team Dragon fans, the knockout stage awaits and with the team set to play either the host nation’s Socceroos or South Korea, there are sure to be more.

On the team sponsor front, the jury is out on the new Nike kit the team are sporting after cutting ties with Adidas over the new year. A quick survey around the Mailman office yielded complaints that the crest is all wrong and that there is a distinct absence of the dragon creative so often associated with Chinese football.

It is rumoured that Nike were caught short by the announcement and had a mad rush to provide the kit in time for the Asian Cup. According to reports, the Nike deal will pump in ¥100 million renminbi each year. The 10 -12 year deal has been structured to allow Nike to pay only 70% as a financial commitment with the rest through apparel and physical supplies.

Hopefully this deal and the steady progress made in the Asian Cup signal better times ahead for the national team.

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