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The Best European Business Schools on Chinese Social Media

A report published this week has revealed that European Business Schools recruiting students from China are overlooking one key opportunity on the market: Social Media.

The team behind KAWO, an online tool that syncs Facebook and Twitter accounts into Chinese social media, analysed the FT’s top 20 European MBA programs on China’s Twitter counterpart Sina Weibo, and measured their digital performance across 3 categories: followers, engagement and activity. The results demonstrated that only 15 of these schools had functional accounts on China’s top social network, and just a handful of them operated with a consistent and successful strategy.

Download the full report here.

The research objective was to provide a robust tool to understand the digital strengths and weaknesses of European Business Schools, and help admission officers and students recruiters to achieve a greater return on investment of their social media strategies.

As the numbers of Chinese students’ applications to Western Universities continues to rise, business schools need to measure the impact of their communication strategies on all the networks where their potential new candidates are.

“China’s rapid economic development has shined the spotlight on the shortage of managerial and leadership talent in the country” the report says “It’s become evident that China needs more people with international business skills, entrepreneurial drive and a strong network in countries that are economically important”.

Key Findings:

– CASS ranked 1st in activity but last on engagement – Manchester ranked 1st for followers numbers – Rouen was the most engaging school (average of 50 retweets per post) – ESADE was the overall winner with most followers, engagement and account activity

To find out more, email KAWO.

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