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The Best Interns Create Their Own Destiny

Being an intern can be tough. You’re often given the lowest type of granular work, you’re the first to step up and take a task on and often the last to know what the hell is really going on. However their is life for you yet – Being an intern is more than just a ‘helper’ it’s an opportunity to show what you’re made of. Below are a simple step by step action list you can take when given a task which is sure to impress your leader and ultimately get ahead.

Know Thy Motivation

When given a task be sure to understand why exactly you’re doing the task. What are the motivations behind it? Often you’ll be given a task with little explanation or worse a task you’re not clear why you’re doing it. Make sure you probe your leader to clarify why they’re doing it – this will help you take action almost immediately. There may be a better way of achieving the same purpose.

Think It Through

Now it’s time to spend a little time to think how you can complete the task in the best possible way. You have studied, you have the world wide web, and you have your own experiences, so combine all this and bring your own set of ideas to it. Don’t just do something for the sake of doing it, now that you understand the motivations you can really bring it to life.

Add Value

Your job is not simply to do as you’re told. It’s your opportunity to give your value to it, to mark your stamp on it. Whether it be a single research opportunity, a newsletter, an infographic or a blog, do it in a way that demonstrates ‘you’re doing better than the person asking for it’. Nothing frustrates a leader more than if a task is completed that leaves better thinking on the table.

Present It

Now that you’ve completed the task – it’s your time to shine! Present it in a way that shows off your thinking, demonstrate the value through a short presentation or sit with your leader and ‘sell it’. When you’re doing great work you’ll be given more important tasks, leaders will gain confidence, and you’ll create more opportunities for yourself.

The above are simple steps you can follow to action the simple tasks that exist throughout the day. You can turn a simple request into something far more meaningful. Many of our best interns have become great full-time team members, while some have started with Mailman and created a whole new career – we’re a launch pad, so use it.

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