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The BWF Star Creation programme: helping athletes grow your sport

“Badminton players have a unique opportunity to develop a close relationship with fans”  BWF Secretary General, Thomas Lund.

It is nothing new to suggest that the reason we fall in love with a sport is due to our admiration for particular athletes. Clubs, leagues and federations play a vital role, but it’s the athletes who have the larger social media followings, higher levels of engagement and the ability to build personal relationships directly with their fanbase.

However, what is new is the approach taken by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) in recognising that the long-term success of the sport is dependent on creating star players; athletes who inspire and encourage followers from across the globe to both play the game and follow the on-court action. 

In late 2019, the BWF commissioned Seven League to run what has become known as the Star Creation Programme; a bespoke course for athletes to help them improve their social media profiles.

The programme aimed to educate each athlete to become competent and confident at using social media to grow their profile, and in turn, the profile of the sport. 

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