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The Next Award Winner 2013 – Jim Dunn

Congratulations to Mr. Jim Dunn, the 2013 Next Award Winner for his set up and leadership at Dunn Global over the last three years. Under Jim, the company grew to a strong three division, including sourcing & procurement, a coconut water brand, and even a modular housing business. Jim’s commitment to put China on the map with his clients, partners, staff has evidently elevated his business’s scope over the years. Not only is the modular housing unit a disruptive leader in its category, Jim is this year’s award winner as demonstrated by Dunn Global’s growth over the last three years, company size, and his personal tenacity to overcome adversity in leading his team. To boost, he even takes his team to Thailand and Africa for community outreach, truly encapsulating the East reaching out to the West for the betterment of those most in need.

Bravo Jim and team, we can’t wait to see what more you will bring to Shanghai and China with each of your business units. Thank you for reminding us what this city – an entrepreneurial hub – is all about.

Mailman Ventures would like to sincerely thank the Shanghai community for all its support in submitting nominations also – we saw a strong 40 being nominated this year. Particularly, honorable mentions should go out to our other Top 5 nominees for their incredible efforts also. To Eric (Sigma Worldwide), Lexie (Strictly Cookies), Ramsay (The Dragon Trip), and Sara (The Villa), keep it up. Check out what they have been working on in the nomination video below.

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