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The Power of an Influencer: The Great Lakes

Last month, as part of the 3-month Road Trip series campaign, GoUSA invited one of the most influential travel bloggers in China to explore the Great Lakes region in America. Starting in Milwaukee and ending in Indianapolis, he traveled into 4 states in 10 days, experiencing major destination hubs, tourist hotspots, amazing hotels and michelin star restaurants all for one purpose to really immerse himself in new experiences and new places to share them to his network of fans.

Sporting a cool 55 million visits to his blog, the power of this influencer is his ability to tell real stories and share his experiences in the United States.  As with most influencers who travel abroad, most of their statement of work is completed upon their return versus during their travels mainly to let him truly enjoy himself while he is traveling.  In just four short weeks upon returning and four articles later, he’s already generated over 140,000 visits to the articles he has written about his trip.  Highly beneficial for the individual destinations he visited as well as total exposure for US Tourism.

(Update: We’ll update with final impact when he’s fully completed his SOW)

As quoted from our social media manager at Brand USA:

“Bringing in influencers and giving them the tools to tell the American story to their audiences is a lot more authentic”

This statement could not be more true.  I’d add on, it’s especially important to find the right influencer for any given destination.

To read more on the influencer’s time in Chicago via the Chicago Tribune: click here

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