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The Under-21’s Guide to Vegas | Serena An

Luxurious hotels, fancy casinos, endless poolside parties: there’s probably too much fun to be had in Las Vegas – if you are over 21, that is. This city, that bloomed out of the mighty Mojave Desert, is world renown as the place for adult indulgence, and possibly least attractive to minor tourists.

But let’s not talk about boring adult stuff anymore, because if under-21s know the right places to go and the right things to do, they can easily create their own unforgettable experience and truly appreciate this spectacular city (whilst remaining conscious).

Hotel Visits

From the Wynn to the MGM, hotels abound the Las Vegas Boulevard, all with their own distinctive appearance. But don’t just wander past these amazing constructions, because all of these hotels have extraordinary interior decorations.

Walking into the Wynn, for example, is like stepping into a rainforest filled with brightly coloured flora and exotic aromas. The merry-go-round in the lobby will make certain that you stop for a picture.

The famous Venetian, which requires no introduction, boasts an internal canal, and a ceiling which mimics a starry night sky during daytime and vice versa. A casual walk alongside the canal with an authentic gelato in hand will definitely make your day.

The Egypt Hotel, fitting to its name, has two Great Sphinx statues in its lobby, which tower imperiously opposite the entrance. There are also periodic exhibitions in different hotels around the year, do a little research before going so that you won’t miss out any fun!


Another must-try in Vegas is, without a doubt, a buffet. Buffets in Vegas are seen as a way for hotels to win good will and recruit visitors rather than purely generate revenue. As such, a lot of buffets offer great value for money. For a reasonable price, you can often find limitless: crab legs, sashimi and even oysters.

My personal favourite is Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace. Although at 60 dollars it is a little more than other buffets, the quality and variety of food, as well as the decoration and service, justify it entirely. But be prepared to wait in line for at least half an hour if you want to eat there. After all, Bacchanal has been rated as the no.1 buffet in Vegas for many years.


If you are an adventure-lover, be sure not to skip the Stratosphere Tower, the highest amusement park in the world. Standing 350 meters from the ground, there are four rides: The Big Shot, Insanity, Xscream and Skyjump. All three of these rides perfectly combine excitement with a magnificent view of Vegas. An amazing experience, but only if you are brave enough.

If roller coasters are your thing, you should also try the Big Apple. The carts are styled after the famous NYC yellow cabs and the whole ride takes you through a miniature sized New York City. The entrance of the Big Apple is inside the New York Hotel; follow the screams and you can’t miss it.

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