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The Update: Seven Trends to Define Digital Sport in 2021

It’s a surreal experience to be producing a second of these blogs, as the majority of us still work from home and the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact all our lives.

In its third year of publication, our “Seven Digital Trends in Sport 2021” report tried to predict the world we now find ourselves in.

In contrast to 2020, the speed of digital acceleration has slowed this year. With fans returning and some form of ‘normality’ able to exist, at least within sports stadiums, many of our trends have fallen short of our expectations.

This is no blanket statement, as our trend predictions of THE RISE OF AUDIO and BROADCAST RE-VERSIONING have surpassed our expectations.

With over half the year behind us, we decided to look back at our seven predicted trends and see how things are panning out. Were your predictions true?

Download The Update: Seven Digital Trends in Sport report


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Nov 08, 2021

I think the Pandemic has violated all possible predictions. Please check out our service.

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