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Top Bloggers in China – Mailman

If you are considering connecting with the top bloggers in China as part if your online digital strategy contact us for a detailed list of the latest leading bloggers in categories such as:

  1. Fashion

  2. Travel

  3. Cosmetics

  4. Electronics

  5. Automotive

  6. Lifestyle

  7. Food

Feel free to contact us for a detailed proposal.

Click here to learn how we launched a little known Australian textile company in China through China’s leading fashion bloggers.


Mailman Service:

EPR + Blogger Outreach

Influence Peer-To-Peer By using our established relationships with China’s leading bloggers we create agreements for brand endorsement.  Sometimes based on remuneration but more often product sampling.  A combination of aggressive online conversation driving through key forums, social network groups and peer to peer referrals we create systems to drive  traffic to our client website and/or branded community.

Click here for more on Mailman service.

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