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UFC Relaunches on Weibo with Mailman Group

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

The UFC has just relaunched their digital presence in China with Mailman Group. The move has a strong focus on promoting their upcoming event in Macau on August 23rd, which will feature top fighters from around the world, including Cung Le and Michael Bisping.

Additionally, the UFC is looking to highlight their associated fighters featured in their recent Chinese series, ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ and to increase interest in the sport through daily updates of global news and interactive social media platforms.

With traditional martial arts like Kung Fu and Wushu ingrained into the fabric of Chinese culture, the sports modern counterpart, MMA, and its largest promotion company, the UFC, is very appealing to a Chinese audience. In fact, engagement is already high. The screenshot of their official Weibo page shown below, has almost 35,000 followers, and the UFC is a hot topic on Baidu Tieba, a Chinese forum platform, with 36,000 forum followers & 1.9 million posts about the sport.

As more sports look to China’s growing sports market, the UFC is already well on its way to developing a strong fan base.

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