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Understanding When to Innovate

Understanding the life cycle of  your innovation can better prepare you for projections and most importantly give you time to rethink enhancements before it becomes too late.  The digital environment presents very similar innovation techniques and life cycles – by understanding these better you will deliver far greater results over the life if your project.

The below graph represents a typical life cycle we tend to experience online with our innovations both from clients and with our own developments.  The red circle indicates as ‘Mailman Blinker’ when we’re best positioned to rethink and innovate forward.

The Digital Life Cycle we Experience

The challenge we all face when undertaking any new initiative – is ‘How to keep it fresh?’

Keeping things changing, vibrant and engaging may come easy to some, however to most people it’s their greatest challenge.  By understanding the certain trigger points in a products life cycle when it hits a maturity stage can help you prepare early for further development – most likely before any decline in results.  The data used to measure online analytics is great at preparing ourselves for future life stages of the web product.

Our business is wrapped up in several product innovations.  To ensure each and every success a project must have a sole ‘flag bearer’ whose responsibility is to ensure constant growth and innovation where needed.  These people may require motivation, inspiration and more so be sure to deliver when it’s needed.

Finishing up I leave thee with a great quote which capture the essence of change and progress:

“Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw

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