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Views from the East | Do People Overestimate China Sports Market?

We talk with sports professionals to help you find business opportunities in China.

Guest: Chen Diandian

Founder of Ecosports. Sports Management Master of Loughborough University. Observing China and overseas sports industry for many years.

Q: You have conversations with many international marketers who are excited about the population and business opportunities in China. Do you think they miss something important when they view China sports market?

A: The vital issue is people who are keen to involve Chinese sport business overestimate the market scale and the growth rate. They received the general information about China sport industry from mainstream media, but those information is not appropriately present the real situation of China. The challenge and difficulty need to be illustrated via articles and analysis in depth.

Q: For your past experiences, do you see that there are any good opportunities in China sports market but international marketers are not aware of?

A: I cannot say that there is a 100% good opportunity for the international sport marketer. Chinese sport market needs to be cultivated and educated. Marketers are able the see the opportunities from youth academy, brand sponsorship, sport tourism, etc. Indeed, they are good opportunities, but it is not a prompt business. People need to be patient and wait for the maturity of Chinese market.

Q: As the founder of a growing sports business media in China, if you want to look for international partners for your organisation, what opportunities or any specific partners will interest you?

A: For the perspective of a sport business media, I am keen to deliver the valuable content, sport business insight to the global sport market and help more people to create a better understanding about Chinese sport industry. We would like to eliminate the info-asymmetry between China and other countries. So we want to cooperate the sport business media like Sports Business Journal(SBJ), SportBusiness Group, Sportcal and so on. We also want to find a partner like Nielsen Sport, Deloitte Sport and do basic market research for Chinese sport industry. Moreover, we are very happy to cooperate with any brands, sports agencies or sports organisations who have the willingness to enter Chinese sport market.

Mailman is a China sports digital marketing agency. We help deliver expert digital & social media programs for the world’s most powerful sports organizations in China.

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