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Weibo’s New Marketing Tool: Keyword Search

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Envision a scenario in which you could search a couple of words, like “New York”, and have your content and your account featured on the top of the list of search results. It’s not hard to imagine that this would be a very good opportunity to market your brand’s service or product. This new marketing tool, which has just been added to Weibo,  is definitely worth a try.

Our team decided to try this out a few weeks ago, and we achieved a good result by purchasing the keyword “New York” for Macy’s during the second week of June. According to our data, New York is the most popular destination city for travel among Chinese netizens. Coincidentally, the timing of the marketing effort worked out well as the peak time for Chinese tourists travelling to the States is between July and August. With this being known, we chose a time period within this date range to launch our keyword.

During this week, if anyone searches for “New York” on Weibo, Macy’s official account will be the first thing at the top and a piece of Macy’s digital content regarding New York, will be shown as well.

After this utilizing this strategy for only one week, Macy’s gained over 8,000 followers and the post about New York that was featured along with it reached over 200 engagements and 50,000 reads which was 4 times more than Macy’s usual engagement level.

We believe that if you can plan ahead of any festivals or activities, this is could be become a truly useful tool.

P.S. now the fee is RMB 3,500 for a week for a normal word. If it is a word that is too popular, such as some celebrities name, it can cost as much as RMB 200,000 per week. But as the say, you get what you pay for.

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