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What Are You The Best At?

An important question asked of not just any individuals but companies alike.

However the more this question settles, the more important it becomes as the anchor point for any key decision in your life, your product, or your next move.If you were to win just one thing in the hearts and minds of the consumers, what would it be?  

Before any product strategy, proposal or decision is made this question poses the most value to any organization embarking on innovation.  Unless this is clear, and you completely endorse it you are destined for a turbulent ride.

First of all by defining this question you immediately create a sense of clarity around what it is you are going to deliver.  By understanding the ‘end goal’ or ‘what it is you’re going to be the best at’ all product and strategy related questions become far less troublesome in the board room.  When tackling new applications, an alternative strategy or a redirection in design you got to ask yourself ‘how does this support our No.1?

Does this decision offer real value towards bettering our goal?

New ideas can have both positive and negative effects on a product.  It can sound great, it may be a completely novel concept however it may drastically take your course further away from your No.1.  With a clear course of outcome. The desired ‘no.1’ you can address innovation with decisive powers and move forward with little haste.

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