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What has been trending in China this week?

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Busy start to the week and still a little behind on what’s happening in Chinese social media at the moment? We have gone ahead and put together a quick list of things that will help fill you in…

Viral News

Drunken father driven home by his 7 year-old son

Last week, this father from the Guangxi Province, South China surely became a front-runner for the “terrible parenting award of 2015”. After becoming intoxicated on a night out, his son took the initiative to drive his father home as he lay passed out in the tray of the tricycle.

The topic had over 7 million views on Sina Weibo.

Alarmingly enough, there is a number of photos of the incident taking place – surely it should have been a case of less photos taken and more responsible action taken?

Traditional dust drawings go viral

Xiao Xiangzhong is a 67 year-old retired teacher who has been amazing netizens with his traditional Chinese drawings on dusty cars. During his morning walks, if he stumbles across a dusty car he will calmly reach for a napkin and being to draw.

Trending on Chinese Social Media

Golden Globe Awards 2015

The 72nd Golden Globe Awards in America have come and gone. The Golden Globe Award ceremony honours the best in film and television for the year and is broadcasted from California.

China had huge engagement and the hashtag #2015 金球奖# (2015 Golden Globe Awards) had over 1.54 billion reads and generated over 28,000 discussions on Sina Weibo.

FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014

The 2014 FIFA award for Best Player in the World was announced last night in Zurich. Cristiano Ronaldo won the award for the third time, his previous 2 wins coming in 2008 and 2013. While German Nadine Kessler was Women’s Player of the Year.

The Sina Weibo hashtag #2015 FIFA 金球奖# had over 170 million reads and 21,000 discussions.

Chinese Netizens show their support

Chinese netizens showed their support online following the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices which saw twelve people killed and many others injured.

The hashtag #JesuisCharlie #我是查理# has been read around three million times, whilst there has been over 70,000 posts discussing the attacks in France. The attacks also gathered major coverage from China’s top media.

Learn more about how China reacted to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

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