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Why Is It Important To Humanize Your Brand?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, home or office chair.

What advertisements do you actually click on? Do pop-ups annoy you? Like us, Share this, poke that, I can win another free iPad?

What the hell are all of these marketers talking about?

Why does it feel like everyone is trying to convince us to buy something, go somewhere, eat something and win something?  – They don’t know us, they don’t know what we like or dislike, eat, drink, or dream. LEAVE US ALONE.

Excessive?  Maybe.  The harsh reality of the world we live in is compounded by an overload of brands throwing themselves at us. Their ideas, products, services and more are shoved down our throats as we battle through the already challenging work day.

So how can a brand build the ‘love’?

We (Yes, Mailman) recognize the days of ‘broadcast marketing’ are coming to an end. It is the time for leading brands to take part in a ‘Humanized’ 2-way conversation strategy of Social Media marketing.

There are 4 basic steps:

1.       Engage –  spread news, specials or current events

2.       Listen –  respond to customer feedback and educate

3.       Participate – get involved in the conversation

4.       Value – your fan page must be fun and rewarding

There are endless applications brands are incorporating into their social media campaigns in order to create a more open forum where customers feel empowered to share their love.

Statements are being made:

Merry Christmas, happy New Year, enjoy your weekend are being broadcasted.

And when necessary; “our thoughts are with the families of the victims caught up in today’s devastating earthquake”.

Brands are now finding compassion, a sense of humor and real time communication when speaking to their customers.

It’s the “local corner store theory”.

Who would you rather buy your coffee and newspaper from?

Old Jim, who knows your name, asks about your family and discusses the weekend’s football results? OR the stone faced kid in a uniform that can’t wait till his next smoke break?

These days we want to buy from those we connect with, with brands that are willing to listen to our issues, praise and recommendations.

And most of all to those brands that react and mold their business around what their ‘loyal’ customers want.

So, how does this make you feel?

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