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Why We Don’t Always Embrace Technology?

Do you reject technology?  Are you one the few whom is the last to adopt or explore anything new?  Well don’t worry you’re not alone.  In fact as people we naturally are slow to embrace change, new things and sometimes new people.  But take heed, and remember this, without technology we can’t look our parents in the eye whilst being a 1000 miles apart, we wouldn’t have found that friend you hadn’t spoken to in years or we could replace a lung with another just like yours.

Just last week a friend returned from a ‘life extension’ trip he had taken in Europe.  Sounds strange?  Yes – it is.  He returned gloating about the incredible treatment he received, shared the needles he endured to capture DNA, to be later used to develop many of his organs.  It was a fruitful trip.  The idea is that he can begin to prep various organs for use at a later date, if so he needed them.  Makes sense right?

Hearing this although was fascinating wasn’t the takeaway I got – it was more alarming at how others around my friend was received.  He took a barrage of negative commentary from others hearing the news with a general position of  ‘Superficial’ and ‘shallow’.  Although he may carry both, the idea of exploring progressive medical ‘pre-emptive’ treatment seemed positive. But I couldn’t help but think,  why were they so against this?

At first I too felt immediately ‘this can’t be right’ however I quickly squashed that and kept an open mind.  The idea that technology can help you live longer, or a better quality of life just seems to make sense and why would someone not explore that (within budget of course).  So if this technology clearly helps people, its accessible at least to a few now (but that will change) then why not embrace it?  The mathematics just don’t add up.

Technology today offers more resourcefulness, abundance, and potential thank ever before – so it’s limitations are simply what we offer it.  As people if we can learn to ignore our instinctive hesitation towards new things and embrace, motivate, and encourage scientists, technologists and of course friends whom have tried things to continue there expeditions – its’ good for everyone.

“Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.”  -Bill Gates

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