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Will the Great Firewall of China affect your business?

If you follow the news, you probably know what’s been happening in Asia by now.

As tensions escalate between China and Japan over the Diaoyu Islands (also known as Senkaku Islands) dispute, protests have been breaking out in over 80 cities all across the country, most recently in Shanghai.

As we’ve seen in other parts of the World, Social Media has taken a key role in the coordination and organization of political movements.

the sign reads: “Thank You Facebook”

laptops and social media at Occupy Wall Street

But in a country where the government holds a firm grip on what should and what shouldn’t be said online, how far can a national protest really go?

The question is:

If you work in the social media industry in China, how likely are sensitive issues like this to impact your business?

Should all of this worry you?

Probably not.

Unless you are Zuckerberg.

Or someone that just doesn’t get it.

Like this guy.

At this stage, very few international businesses that are run in the social media industry in China are likely to be directly affected by a tighter online censorship due to political tensions.

One advice?

Don’t get involved, and especially don’t try to make a joke out of people’s political beliefs. And keep your business growing.


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