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You Got a Problem? Hope so.

I’ve never been so excited to find problems. Sounds crazy I’m sure, but think about it – the clearer you are about the problem, the easier it is to muster the energy, focus and drive behind solving it.  Defining the problem is not just a part of your role: it’s the secret sauce.

Let’s start with this article. The problem is, ‘Folks can’t tell me their problem?’ Now if they can’t tell me their problem, how can I expect them to work on making great solutions?  Worse yet, some people tell me they don’t have any problems.  I’m going to stick my neck out and say this – If you don’t have a problem, you may as well go home!

If you can remember these three things, I’m certain you’re going to enjoy creating solutions. It’s not only great for your brand or company, but also it’s really rewarding.

1.Defining the problem is the most important thing you’ll do all week.

That’s right, forget what ever else you’re doing. The first thing you gotta do every week is ask yourself, “what’s the problem I’m working on this week?”  If you can’t answer this question, you have no business being here.

2. The problem is the solution.  

I don’t mean that in a literal sense, but I’m saying if you can clearly define what it is you’re working to solve, then everything else follows-  your team members are clear about their tasks, and your focus is clearly driven towards solving it.

3. Not all problems are created equal.

Weekly you have smaller problems, and outside that you have bigger, company-wide problems being tackled across the entire business.  The question to ask is, ‘If I solve this small problem, will it help towards solving our bigger problems?’  The micro problems are catalysts for bigger problems.

What’s your problem?

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