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2018 China NHL Games

Ticketing & Marketing

Business Objectives

The 2017 NHL Games was considered successful, however the NHL were not happy with the total engagement of fans and the marketing / tickets sold by the promotor. They wished to engage Mailman to develop a grassroots ticketing sales strategy to drive sell out areas in Beijing and Shenzhen.

Our Approach

Mailman guaranteed the NHL 4m RMB ($700k USD) in ticket sales for both games and agreed to share in the winnings. The strategy was primarily driven through group sales across 100’s of ice hockey and sports related group chats. Mailman had a team on the ground in Shenzhen and Beijing daily interacting with local influencers, partners and gyms to drive maximum word of mouth.


10,000 tickets sold at the 2018 NHL Games
70% of all ticket sold from group chats

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