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Our Work

Explore case studies from across the group, including how we’ve led digital transformation efforts for global organisations, delivered ground-breaking stories in China and broken new sports and leagues in different territories across the globe

BMG China Tour 2019

Digital Activation

Grow and engage the BMG fanbase in China by leveraging off having the team in China while no other European football clubs were touring. BMG made the decision to visit China post-season, rather than pre-season, like most other European teams. This gave the club the advantage of being able to approach hardcore and casual fans. We were able to utilise this unique opportunity to and bring the club closer to the football communities across China.

Weidenfeller China Tour

Fan Event Organisation

Former German footballer Roman Weidenfeller visited China as a BVB ambassador. Our aim was to grow his and the club's name in China through media interviews, fan event visits, and social content creation.

LaLiga Celebrates Hari Kartini

Video Production & Distribution

LaLiga celebrated Indonesia’s women’s empowerment day (aka Hari Kartini) with a series of original videos

“LaLiga & Friends” Video Series in SEA

Community Management & Content Production & Distribution

Weekly video series featuring local fan leaders and influencers to share their passion and thoughts on LaLiga onto the accounts social channels in Thailand and Indonesia.

Chelsea First Ever Studio Show

Bi-Weekly Studio Show & KOL Integration

Chelsea produced fifteen 10-minute episodes of ‘The Chelsea Report’ for the 2018/19 season, which includes a variety of segments including match analysis, updates, a man of the match, official video highlights, fan activation activities and more.

Chelsea Europa League Win

Digital Campaign & KOL Collaboration

We launched a Final Hashtag in corporation with Weibo Sports, created a series of original cartoons for winning moments such as the trophy win and a post-match giveaway (10K engagement). On Douyin, four topic related videos got over 350K likes.

Chelsea on the Road

Football & Tourism & KOL Video Series in SEA

Chelsea invited Roxana, a popular football TV program commentator, as a KOL, to visit three Chelsea fan clubs in southeast Asia and attend the pre-season match in Perth Australia shooting a 20 episode video serial.

PSG China Digital Strategy and Social Media

China Digital Strategy & APAC Digital & Social Media

PSG had began developing a brand which blended lifestyle and football. With the recruitment of Neymar they were eager to engage a younger audience across China and then APAC. PSG engaged Mailman to build a clear digital strategy, grow social media following and galvanise the community ahead of the 2019 summer tour across APAC.

Cristiano Ronaldo China Social Media

China Digital Strategy & Social Media

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most recognised footballer in China, however his social media and brand in China has been largely ignored. His team engaged Mailman & KAWO to drive his audience building, deliver it with protection and accountability while exploring commercial opportunities.

AIB/MORE Digital Platform

China Digital Strategy

AIB is a newly funded NBA athlete media channel driving a new platform in China housing 100’s off high-quality​ athlete videos. AIB wished to grow a user base of downloads, expand to ecommerce and branded partnerships. They wished to engage an agency who could drive marketing, brand, social media and support with on the ground team for brand partnerships.

Tottenham Hotspur China Digital

China Digital Strategy & Social Media

Tottenham Hotspur are one of the most highly regarded football clubs in the world, yet in China it is considered a second tier followed team. They wanted to invest in a holistic digital stagey to develop a new band of followers, targeting a new generation of fans who would grow with the club.

Chelsea FC China Digital & APAC Strategy

China Digital Strategy & APAC Digital & Social Media

Chelsea was seeking an agency to develop first a China strategy to significantly life followers in China. This growth would fuel value across sponsorships and help lift renewals for better activation in China. Chelsea were at tier 1 team, however a tier 2 team across digital in China. Following this Chelsea caught Mailman services to expand the program across APAC, launching in July 2019.

Lakers Nation Comes Alive In China

China Digital Strategy & Community Build

For the first time in a decade the Lakers were returning to China for the 2019 China Games. Lakers engaged Mailman to develop a campaign and ongoing social media management to build anticipation for the games and unite the Lakers fan communities.

Tottenham Hotspur China Ecommerce

China Ecommerce

Tottenham Hotspur was eager to move aggressively into China with a ecommerce store hosted on the largest online retailer in China Tmall. The goal was to align with Mailman and develop a new e-commerce strategy, driven by Mailman’s marketing team and close relationships with fans.

Roland Garros China Digital Strategy

China's Digital Strategy & Community Build

RG is one of 4 Grand Slam Tennis events around the world. The challenge was to deliver. A compelling digital strategy and influencer campaign to ignite passion and interest in the event above other grand slams.

Kobe Bryant Digital Strategy

China Digital Strategy & Social Media

An icon for over 20 years in the NBA, Kobe Bryant has become a symbol of success and hard work for a generations in China. Add by young people, respected by older, Kobe Bryant is the most desired global athlete in China. The challenge moving forward was transitioning his profile from current player to mentor, coach and creator, while also developing commercial opportunities.

FIFA Global Fan Movement

Global Social Media & Community Building

FIFA was regarded as an official organisation online across the world and did not have an authentic connection with its fans. The federation wanted to create a new global community of micro-influencers that would generate new content sources and amplify existing FIFA social content.

Manchester United Chinese Social Media Management

China Digital Strategy & Social Media

Manchester United are recognised as the most influential football in China. They have a unique ownership structure which retains most of the management, and the brand is most important for the organisation. The goal was to build a sophisticated social media and community strategy to develop a deeper relationship with Chinese fans while setting the gold standard in social media following.


Sponsor Activation & Studio Show

Bodog are a leading global sports gaming and online poker company. Headquartered in Canada. They were seeking a China based agency to create a brand strategy to grow the profile of Bodog in China, while not directly promoting gambling. This included social media activation, content and conversion led programs.

NBA Douyin Video Production

Digital Production

The NBA China have been moving to a business model to outsource most of the production and marketing work and reduce team size. In doing this they needed a highly experience agency who could manage the increase demand fo video for production and distribution on Chinese video and social platforms.

NHL China Digital Strategy

China Digital Strategy and Community Build

The NHL are considered a top 4 sport in the USA, and with the Winter Olympics coming to China in 2022 they have made a clear statement to invest from the ground up in China. The challenge was to position NHL as the authority in all things Ice Hockey and develop a local following for the league, to one day inspire future stars and drive value for TV rights.

2018 China NHL Games

Ticketing & Marketing

The 2017 NHL Games was considered successful, however the NHL were not happy with the total engagement of fans and the marketing / tickets sold by the promotor. They wished to engage Mailman to develop a grassroots ticketing sales strategy to drive sell out areas in Beijing and Shenzhen.

Patriots​ ‘TOM BRADY’ China Show

Digital Production

Entering into the beginning of the 2018-2019 NFL season the Patriots had yet to create a significant play in China. They were in the top 5 followed teams across social media and wanted to create a tentpole campaign to galvanise a community following. They offered up to 25 minutes per month with Tom Brady as a talent who could participate in something.

FIFA China Sponsor Digital Activation

China Digital Sponsorship Activation

FIFA had secured 5 Chinese sponsors as global partners. To better provide value to those sponsors and to engage Chinese consumers FIFA engaged Mailman to provide digital solutions, creative campaigns and production to deliver measured digital media value and engagement to sponsors.

Managing NFL 32 Teams Across Chinese Social Media

Multi Account​ Management

The NFL face a difficult task of developing a audience for the entire NFL roster of teams. They each have their own brand personality, values, and content strategy they wish to deploy in China. The challenge is how do you develop a team who has the knowledge of NFL football in China, and can build and deliver on content strategies across all 32 tams without create a large team.

LaLiga APAC Social Media Management

APAC Digital Strategy & Social Media

LaLiga was aggressively expanding it’s business across the APAC region. The goals were to grow LaLiga fanbase and drive engagement across key markets Thailand and Indonesia; reward and foster greater relationships with fan communities and drive the LaLiga brand as the leading European football league to enjoy

UFC Chinese Digital and Community Building

Digital, Social Media, Community Management

UFC were entering China across social media in 2014 with the view to becoming a mainstream sport. This coincided with the first event in Greater China with a major fight held in Macau. UFC were looking to engage an agency who knew the local sports media, sports communities and with capabilities to grow the community.

Nike Football China Digital Strategy

China Digital Strategy & Social Media

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most recognised footballer in China, however his social media and brand in China has been largely ignored. His team engaged Mailman & KAWO to drive his audience building, deliver it with protection and accountability while exploring commercial opportunities.

BrandUSA Official Outdoor Ambassador

Social media, Content production

The outdoors has always been a popular topic for Chinese travelers, especially on the GoUSA social media channels. We decided to develop and create a brand new outdoor ambassador to write new exciting content about the great outdoors of the US. Producing one of the most influential KOLs in 2016 for America.

NYC dominating on social

Digital branding

We are bringing to life NYCgo China Consumer marketing, creating a travel companion for Chinese travelers in NYC. Our strategy that influences travelers throughout the consumer decision journey.

Bringing BrandUSA to China

Brand strategy, Social media

Activate US Tourism’s official brand presence in China and creating its brand guidelines and initial foray across different platforms

Visit California Video Series

Content production, Filming

Understanding that authenticity is one of the keys to developing travel stories, we sent one KOL to several universities across Visit California to interview Chinese students

Simon Shopping China Market Strategy

Digital strategy, Social media

With over 200 shopping destinations, we were charged with helping the Chinese understand where to shop, why and how best to do it.

Monash University Brand Concept in China

Social media,

Monash was tasked with finding an agency to develop their global brand messaging for the China Market

A Road Trip Campaign for Northern Territory Australia

Social media, Digital strategy

Uluru is placed in a vast and remote land with limited facilities. Therefore, we decided to target independent and experienced travelers who tend to be more confident and less intimidated by such an area. We encouraged users to submit their favourite experience while traveling with a friend, providing the winner with 2 free round-trip tickets from Shanghai, Beijing, or Guangzhou to Uluru. Those who submitted would tag their friend using our hashtag #探秘世界中心# (#ExploreTheCenterOfTheWorld#).

Steve Nash Douyin Launch

Social Media, Digital Strategy, and Commercialisation

As the first player to kick off MORE SPORTS Douyin MCN, Steve Nash's Douyin account was launched on March 9th. The goal is to grow Nash’s branding across China social and provide commercialization opportunities for both Nash and MORE Sports

Tottenham Hotspur Chinese New Year Campaign

Digital Engagement & eCommerce

The main objectives of the club's Chinese New Year campaign were to build and develop the family club image which has been developing in China over the 7 years the club has been active in the country.

We were also focused on driving record levels of follower growth, awareness, and engagement across all social platforms, including Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, and Toutiao.

It was also key to utilise our complete fan journey, driving sales and awareness to the recently-launched eCommerce platform

2019 Visit Seattle China new IP

Brand building, IP design

Developing a new way to reach the Chinese travelers but creating a new IP specifically to serve this audience

NFL Academy Strategy​

Digital Consulting

The NFL had a vision to bring an Academy to London, to invest in the UK market, provide a pathway for talented athletes to play the sport and invest in its partnership with Tottenham Hotspur. The League felt instinctively that the Academy could also provide a rich channel of content that would appeal to younger audiences. What they needed was an agency that could bring this aspiration to life.

Sport Streaming Strategy

Digital Strategy

The BBC, the UK's iconic national broadcaster, has enjoyed remarkable success with its iPlayer service. In the BBC Sport website it has one of the world's leading sports online news and analysis destinations.

However, in recent years its ability to bid for and win premium sports rights has been hampered by rising rights prices and the competitive pressure of pay TV services. The BBC needed advice on what it should do in the field of live sports streaming to boost usage of the iPlayer, to give its rights team a steer on which sports rights to pursue and to give consumers a clearer idea of the BBC's sports offering. Seven League was commissioned to assist.

Bundesliga International Digital Partnership Embed

Embed People

Bundesliga International (BLI) is the global arm of the German league, responsible for growing the brand internationally. It markets media rights for all platforms servicing over 80 broadcast, commercial and third-party partners. While broadcast partners promote the league in their respective markets, BLI plays an integral role in growing the brand through dedicated digital partnerships (e.g. telecoms operators).

Established in July 2017, BLI required intense support to manage collaborations with international digital partners and maximise utilisation of digital content. Seven League was engaged to boost the Bundesliga’s international growth during this initial transitional phase via an embedded member of staff.

England Netball Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Netball is unique; the only major sport that’s female only at elite level. At grassroots level, on any given weekend more women in England are playing netball than men playing rugby (1.4m people in England express an interest).

In 2017, England Netball’s leadership team knew a critical period lay ahead. Moving from old offices in Hitchin to the Sports Park in Loughborough was key but would see some turbulence. There was a Commonwealth Games to come in Australia in 2018 and a home World Cup in Liverpool in 2019.

Like all sports governing bodies, there was the need to promote the elite game while also growing the grassroots game. As with any medium-sized NGB, there was the need to be commercially self-sufficient and lower the reliance on funding England Netball knew the answer was rapid digital transformation – and brought in Seven League to do it.

FC Barcelona Service Design

Service Design

FC Barcelona is one of the world’s most recognisable and prestigious sports brands. The club has an immensely complicated range of products and services, with a diverse and global set of audiences, which makes effective planning, resource distribution and commercial delivery complex.

Our position as experts meant we were able to give clear perspective on the complex digital ecosystem.

Seven League was asked to look at the bigger picture and achieve clarity on the total service design in order to deliver market leading user experience and commercial viability

Tottenham Hotspur Head of Content Embed

Embed People

A third-party audit identified an opportunity for the club to grow its fanbase and leverage opportunities afforded through digital content. The Club’s content strategy needed to be redefined, under an overarching digital strategy. A new approach was needed to engage existing fans whilst also reaching & acquiring new fans. The commercial value of digital content could improve, both directly & indirectly.

The club required support in managing large digital projects and campaigns, as well as setting reporting processes, targets and KPIs. There was an opportunity to raise the ‘Digital DNA’ of the team, department and Club overall.

Seven League was tasked with delivering this shift in digital operations, fulfilling the role of Head of Content, reporting to the Board and leading a production team of 15

FIFA Fan Movement

Community Management

As the governing body and steward of the beautiful game, FIFA’s mission is to bring football closer to the fans and fans closer to the football. Their aim, as part of FIFA 2.0 was to be the No.1 digital destination for the global football fan community by 2022.

In October 2017, FIFA started working with Seven League on a project to bring fans closer to football and introduce their voices at the heart of the organisation.

Seven League proposed a pioneering project - a game- changer for the sport. It needed not only to be unique within FIFA’s experience, but globally. Our Fan Movement is not just a one-off campaign, it’s a relationship that has grown over two years and continues to evolve…

Racecourse Growth Project

Digital Strategy

Great British Racing (GBR) is the official marketing and promotional body for British Horseracing whose aim is to grow interest and participation in the sport.

GBR came to Seven League to initially assess where the racing industry was positioned in terms of digital maturity and understanding versus industry standard.

They wanted to understand how digital and social media could be used to grow the sport further; Racecourses have differing levels of digital maturity and differing levels of resources. Many needed low-budget, high efficiency solutions to leverage the opportunities digital presents.

Seven League was engaged to advise on an approach to ‘rising the tide’ of the sport – increasing interest and attendance nationwide via digital and social media.

FIFA Women’s World Cup #LegendsAssemble

Campaign Management

For the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the largest to date, FIFA launched a team of Legends (male and female) to promote the event.

Seven League was challenged to build a campaign around the extraordinary lives of these ambassadors, 23 former footballers, the Legends Squad. The objective was to drive FWWC match attendance and increase fan engagement online through delivery of inspiring content that educated football fans, while also changing perceptions of women’s international football

Platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Web, Email; Languages: English, Chinese, French, Spanish; Timescale: Filming (Dec ’18), Launch Campaign (Feb ‘19); 23x episodic Story videos (Feb ‘19–Jun ’19)

Juventus Content Mix Analysis

Content Strategy

Very few clubs have a thorough understanding of their digital content output, its impact or the ROI it delivers. Publishing in three languages (English, Spanish and Italian), Juventus FC wanted more visibility of what their content mix and composition was across Facebook &

That meant understanding which content types are worth commissioning, which hold the most value and which are most closely aligned with the organisation’s business and audience needs.

Seven League was engaged to deliver a comprehensive and forensic analysis of content across three languages and two platforms, totalling over 1,500 pieces of content – what we call ‘Content Mix’.

Juventus Ongoing Digital Growth

Commercial Growth

As Italy's most decorated club, one of Europe's giants and boasting a global online fanbase, Juventus is constantly driven to lead the way on digital

Seven League's relationship with the club started in 2014 with an audit of their digital operations. Since then the club has continued to prosper and we have been proud to support the club in many areas, helping build them into the brand they are today.

As ever, the challenge is to keep up with the pace at which our industry changes; from tech advances and consumer behaviours, to player accessibility and deep data, Juventus are focused on ensuring their on-field performance is matched by their digital operations.

Over the last five years, Seven League has been tasked with supporting the club in several areas, applying consultancy services to help them make critical decisions to grow their business globally