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Kobe Bryant Digital Strategy

China Digital Strategy & Social Media

Business Objectives

An icon for over 20 years in the NBA, Kobe Bryant has become a symbol of success and hard work for a generations in China. Add by young people, respected by older, Kobe Bryant is the most desired global athlete in China. The challenge moving forward was transitioning his profile from current player to mentor, coach and creator, while also developing commercial opportunities.

Our Approach

Mailman was engaged in 2016 to begin managing the social media in China, which quickly moved to partnership management, e-commerce and press relations. The strategy was to develop unique forms of content based on the Mamba Mentality which resonates with local Chinese idols and thinkers, while finding many ways to engage his core audience.


Sold paid live streaming interviews 1m RMB
Sold 3 x Commercial Partnerships Eleme, QCCR & Fun88 totalling $9,000,000 US
Sold Granity Studies book rights to Chinese publisher
Grew social media following to 9m, most followed in China
Secured major media interviews with CCTV

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