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Mailman is a global sports digital agency.


Digital Marketing

We know digital is not just about online platforms. Digital is a lifestyle. It is human connection and unprecedented capacity for a message to reach its audience at an epic scale. Our digital marketing strategies reflect this knowledge.

Social Media

Like it or not, social media is a messaging juggernaut unlike anything the world has seen before. Let’s start your social media revolution. We manage social media across key Chinese and global platforms.

Community Management

This is the best part. There has never been more ability for two way engagement with audiences. This also carries risk, both to brand and revenue. We have a proven track record of launching, managing and executing effective online community management.


We design impact leading campaigns, driven by unique local insights which capture the imagination of local audiences. We measure and report results, making adjustments as needed.

Affiliate Marketing 

We develop sophisticated partner and influencer networks to drive sales conversions across key Asian markets. These networks have taken many years to build and nurture. They bring considerable value to clients.


We engage brands in meaningful partnerships. We provide on-the-ground representation where needed to boost your commercial presence and deliver stronger revenue and results.

Sponsor Activation 

We design, deliver and measure digital sponsorship packages which drive better ROI and retention. We have existing relationships with sponsors and leverage those to support your objectives.


Our public relations activities integrate seamlessly with broader digital and social media deliverables. Our expert team connect directly with senior editorial heads to drive publicity and engagement.

Technology & Mini Programs

This is the back bone of all we do. Without great design and creativity, even the best marketing strategies are without affect. We design socially friendly and impactful content, Gifs, motion graphics and rich stories told with multi-media.

Tour Activation

Tours contain enormous potential for content which is effective for marketing, social media and public relations activities. Our decades of experience in this arena will leave you very excited about your next upcoming tour and its marketing potential.


Where feasible we’ll invest into ecommerce rights, and develop merchandise for sales and distribution across platforms in China. We understand the opportunities and risks and can advise accordingly.

Strategic Partnerships

We engage influential media and 3rd parties on your behalf, with a vision to establish key partnerships which support your local agenda. Strategy is key and we give time and thought to securing robust partnerships which benefit all parties.

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Learn more from our case studies

Tottenham Hotspur China Digital

Mailman was commissioned with developing the China digital strategy in 2014, and still remains today. The strategy has been to develop a very Chinese communication plan, driven with fan ambassadors, viewing parties and celebrating the ‘Spurs way’ of football. Mailman has developed social media across WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, managed tour activation and now e-commerce.

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NHL China Digital Strategy

Mailman developed a strategy supporting both core fans of the sport, while also developing a ‘family first’ strategy to inspire families to engage in ice hockey together. The strategy includes fully operational social media channels, PR strategy, activation for players in market and campaign delivery. WeChat was developed to drive a family community application.

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UFC Chinese Digital and Community Build

Mailman was engaged in 2014 initially to drive media engagement and fan engagement for the Macau event. The event was successful and it kicked off what is now a 5-year partnership. Mailman developed a strategy to drive short-form video throughout Youku to drive interest and begin to tell local stories.

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