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Patriots​ ‘TOM BRADY’ China Show

Digital Production

Business Objectives

Entering into the beginning of the 2018-2019 NFL season the Patriots had yet to create a significant play in China. They were in the top 5 followed teams across social media and wanted to create a tentpole campaign to galvanise a community following. They offered up to 25 minutes per month with Tom Brady as a talent who could participate in something.

Our Approach

With Tom Brady as the anchor we created a short form web show featuring Tom Brady as the host. The concept was to have Tom perform many Chinese cultural things while also interviewing payers, talking about his history and interacting with a Chinese host.


The show propelled the Patriots to the No.1 followed team on Chinese social media, gained over 5m views and generated over $800,000 of media value to the sponsors Gillette.

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