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China Digital Strategy & Social Media

China Digital Strategy & Social Media

Business Objectives

Tottenham Hotspur is one of the most highly regarded football clubs in the world. Yet in China, the number of Spurs fans were not on par with other top-tier clubs. Hence, the club wanted to invest in a holistic digital strategy to develop a new band of followers, targeting a new generation of fans who would grow with the club.

Our Approach

Since 2014, Mailman has been commissioned with developing the club’s digital strategy in China. The strategy has been to develop a Chinese-focused communications plan, driven by fan ambassadors, viewing parties and celebrating the ‘Spurs way’ of football. Mailman has helped develop the club’s social media across WeChat, Weibo, DouYin, managed tour activations and now e-commerce.


Top 7 team across Red Card report in China
3m followers across Weibo
Top 10 engagement across all football clubs

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