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2015 Mailman #Rockstar Awards

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

The ladies and the lads came out in full force last night for the 2015 Mailman Rockstar Awards Night and it’s safe to say that everyone left thinking the same thing: simply brilliant.

With everyone dressed to the nines in their best interpretation of the Tropical theme, we all gathered to celebrate another epic year and to recognize our fellow colleagues who most embody Mailman’s core values of service, passion, and innovation.

The voting was tight, with every single Mailman team member receiving a vote. Alas, prizes were only given to the top three vote getters in each core value category. The lucky winners for 2015 were as follows.


1st Place: Iris Chen

2nd Place: Joy Pu

3rd Place: Rufio Zhu


1st Place: Simon Ho

2nd Place: Tom Elsden

3rd Place: Brian van Damme


1st Place: Yujun Wu

2nd Place: Iris Chen

3rd Place: David Hornby

On top of the individual categories, the Mailman who received the most overall votes won an all-expenses paid 1-week professional trip to anywhere they wanted to go to better develop their skills and gain more exposure to the industry at large. Picking up this prize was one of our most talented and energetic team members, Yujun Wu!!

It was great to bond with team members for a night and celebrate the past year’s achievements while gearing up for what’s to come as Mailman prepares to take another massive leap in its young history. While this is exciting, it’s is important to take a step back and reflect on the relationships and hard work that brought us to this point. Enjoy the pictures from the awards and remember, Mailman #ServesThePeople.

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